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So I'm meant to be revising, which means of course that what I have actually been doing is messing around on the computer. & messing around on a graphics program = icons, and I don't think they're any good by, you know, general standards, but there's a few that I quite like. *shrug* And I'm quite pleased considering I've only just really worked out how to work Gimp.. :]

9xDiscworld quotes

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Title: Gnarh
Prompt: varietypack100#033 Too Much
Characters: Fitz & girl!Doctor
Word Count: Somewhere around 1200
Summary: "You're...Doctor...bloody hell."
Follow on from Pockets, although I doubt it actually matters.
A/N: leia_black = yay, as usual :]

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I've been meaning to do this since finishing Deathly Hallows (actually, I did it 24/8, just haven't posted it), because they're two of/my two favourite characters, and because (no spoilers though surely everyone's read it?) of what happened to them near the end. *sappy smile*
So yes - because Remus & Tonks're ace;
(Fic: In no particular order - some are amazing, some are just nice or funny or I liked them for no apparent reason, and the last one made me blub all the way through.)
(Art: Has anyone else noticed how hard it is to find art matching your mental image? The pics I'm linking to don't, as a general rule, show them how I picture them - I just like the pictures =])

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Title: Pockets
Prompt: varietypack100#085 She 
Characters: Fitz. + one other
Word Count:  About 900
Summary: A bar, a woman, and something infuriatingly familiar.
A/N: Thanks, as always, to leia_black, for betaing & handing-out of encouragement. 
Er. Well, I've not read any books with Fitz in for about...6 months? So I hope he's ok. That is all.
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Title: erm. I did have one, only I've forgotten it
Prompt: varietypack100 #035 Sixth Sense 
Spoilers: For the BF audio Something Inside
Characters: C'rizz/Eight
Word Count: Not that long
Rating: PG-ish
Summary: An alternate version of their escape.
A/N: Thanks to leia_blackfor beta-ing. Erm. I'm nervous about this fic. It's my first a)C'rizz fic b)Eight fic and c)entirely-dialogue fic. And is a bit contrived. And I might have twisted canon a little bit. But, er...*offers up audio!companion fic* <-- Ignore the whinging
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Title: Warning
Characters: 5, Tegan, Turlough
Rating: U
Word Count: 224
[info]varietypack100  #020 Colourless (That's meant to be an ironic use of a prompt >_>)
Summary: "If I have to regenerate again..." The Doctor offers his companions a warning. 
(So he magically knows about his future regeneration...shut up XP)
A.N.: For [info]leia_black, as that's who the conversation that spawned this was with, and as a thank you.

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Well. My not-an-essay on The Last. It was pretty long to begin with, but it wouldn't really have made much sense to anyone else, so I tidied it up and made it more coherent and added some stuff. And it got rather a bit long. Almost 3 pages in MSWord, in fact. But, drox, here it is =) My thoughts & theories about The Last. AUDIOS YEAAH!
 I totally want a C'rizz icon. Lizard dudes FTW.
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What I've been wasting my time on over the holiday - my first attempt at a fanvid. I'm pretty pleased with it, considering(& think the 2nd half is better than the 1st - had got the hang of it more by then). I dunno if anyone will actually bother downloading and watching, but it's here if you like. And it would be cool if someone did. Even if just to say it's rubbish =)

Title: Amsterdam
Size: erm..*checks* About 23MB
Music: Amsterdam by Guster
Length: 3m46s
Download: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ISIUJZI3
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Iu8ozUUpsQ


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Title: Undoubtably
Characters: beaten-up!Five, amused!Turlough
Rating: U
Word Count: About 170
Prompt(well, not really used as such): varietypack100 #059 Food
Summary: He'd got involved in something that was, undoubtably, extremely dangerous.

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